Colusa City Council reorganizes for 2018


Colusa City Councilman Greg Ponciano will serve his third one-year stint as the city’s mayor in 2018, while Councilman Dave Womble will serve as the city’s mayor pro tempore.

Ponciano, who served as mayor pro tempore over the past year, was nominated to serve as mayor in the next year on a motion by outgoing mayor Kirk Kelleher, seconded by Tom Reische. Reische nominated Womble, and the motion was seconded by Ponciano. The council approved both unanimously.

“I have no real remarks, other than to thank Mayor Kelleher for his time and service, not only on city council, but acting as mayor (and) navigating us through an interesting year, with the new laws in place,” Ponciano said.

Womble echoed Ponciano’s comments regarding the leadership of Kelleher.
“Perhaps (Ponciano) and I can do just as well,” Womble said. n

Brian Pearson
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