What’s your plan? (01/10/2018)

Scott Arens | for the Pioneer Review

Happy New Year! We are just 10 days into 2018. I hope that you are still on track to implement your Plan. As discussed last week, too many of us let things fall by the wayside. I found this little bit of interesting information from 30 people at http://www.businessinsider.com/highly-successful-peoples-new-years-resolutions-for-2018-2017-12. Take that which is of value and use it to help improve yourself. Jocko Willink is right on point. I found that Tony Robbins comments put things into perspective as well as added insight to some of our discussion last week. It is disheartening that there are people here in our own country fighting hunger.

Things should be looking up with the promise of a new year. A new and brighter day inspires hope. I feel this is one of the best things of this time of the season; focusing on starting things new and creating hope. Make this a constant and continuing part of your year. I will continue to crusade against going into debt; especially when it comes to funding college. Students and parents don’t need to go broke to fund an education. Loans are not the only way to finance. Here are a few options to consider. Always fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Choose the right school. Grants will help pay the expense of college. Scholarships will aid in financing the venture. Work to put yourself through school. Consider working for an employer with a reimbursement program.

Contribute to an Education Savings Account (ESA). Draw from a 529 Plan. You can negotiate financial aid awards. Find a benefactor. Ask your tax specialist to share their tricks with you. Lastly, the blatant plug, consult your local advocate! Yes, there are options and it might be that the best College Plan for you will be to use all of them. It all depends.
As always, I appreciate you following me. I aim to provide you with tools that provide you with the best College Planning.

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