Master Gardener’s Corner: Repair Worn or Broken Irrigation Components

Both sprinkler and drip irrigation systems should be checked regularly for broken components for leaks that may otherwise go undetected. Examples are clogged nozzles, worn nozzles, tilted sprinkler heads and heads in the same zone with varying output rates. Also look for signs of leaky valves in your control box, such as water continually oozing around sprinkler heads. Correcting these problems often reduces water waste by 20%.

Learn to recognize plant drought symptoms

Under drought foliage may lose its luster, shrivel and droop. Turf will hold a footprint. Overtime plant growth is reduced. Stems and twigs toward the outer parts of the plant begin to defoliate and may eventually die. Finally, the entire plant may die if water is not provided. Ideally, irrigation should be applied before plants show pronounced systems.■

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