Notice to Creditors of Bulk Sale and of Intention to Transfer Alcoholic Beverage License

(U.C.C. 6101 et seq. and B & P 24073 et seq.)

ESCROW NO. P-252432-DY

Notice is hereby given that a bulk sale of assets and a transfer of alcoholic beverage license is about to be made. The names and business addresses of the Seller/Licensee are:

Duane Ray Hoggatt
279 Market Street
Stonyford Ca 95979

The location in California of the chief executive office of the seller is: (If “same as above”, so state.)  same as above.  As listed by the Seller/Licensee, all other business names and addresses used by the Seller/Licensee within three years before the date such list was sent or delivered to the Buyer/Transferee are: (If “none”, so state) None.

The names and addresses of the Buyer/Transferee are:
Freak Out The Mothers, LLC, a California limited liability company
5981 Girvin Drive
Oakland, CA 94611

The business is known as:  Timberline Bar and Grill

The assets to be sold are described in general as: All of the stock in trade, merchandise, supplies, fixtures, equipment, goodwill and trade and are located at:279 Market Street, Stonyford, Ca 95979.  The kind of license to be transferred is: Type 47 – On- Sale General Eating Place now issued for the premises located at: 279 Market Street, Stonyford, Ca 95979.  The anticipated date of the sale/transfer is April  6, 2018 or upon the issuance of the final Alcoholic Beverage Control license, whichever is later, at the office of Placer Title Company @ 193 Fulweiler Avenue Auburn, CA  95603.  If so subject, the name and address of the person with who claims may be filed is Placer Title Company, @ 193 Fulweiler Avenue Auburn, CA  95603 and the last date for filing claims shall be on or before the issuance of the final Alcoholic Beverage Control license.

It has been agreed between the Seller/Licensee and the intended Buyer/Transferee, as required by Sec. 24073 of the Business and Professions Code that the consideration for the transfer of the business and license is to be paid only after the transfer has been approved by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Date: Feburary 27, 2018


/s/Duane Ray Hoggatt


Freak Out the Mothers, LLC,
a California limited liability Company
By: /s/ Aladdin Harriman, Member
By: /s/ William Harriman, Member
By: /s/ Amy Harriman, Member

03/21/2018 – #2018-0455

Lloyd Green Jr, Editor
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