Downed power line shuts down rail traffic

A downed power pole just north of the sewer treatment plant in Williams resulted in an electric line going across nearby train tracks, which caused public safety officials to briefly shut down railroad traffic on Friday afternoon while PG&E worked to fix the problem.

According to Williams Police Sgt. Daniel Mata, Williams officers responded to the report of a downed power pole at around 1 PM on Friday.

“It looked like it may have been caused by the wind, and just must’ve fell over,” said Mata. “As a precaution, we treated it as if it was still live. I asked dispatch to notify the railroad company to shut down any rail traffic until PG&E came out and figured out what was going on.”

Officials said that the downed pole resulted in power outages for about 2,200 people. 

Safety personnel cleared at around 2:30 PM, but PG&E remained on scene for some time after, Mata said. ■

Brian Pearson
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