COLUSA COUNTY FAIR PREVIEW – Bartending Competition back for a second year

Professional bartenders and amateur mixologists will take the stage at Festival Hall at the Colusa County Fairgrounds, locking horns in the second annual bartending competition at the Colusa County Fair.

Hosted this year by Rocco’s, the bartending competition is scheduled for 8 PM on Saturday.
“The ultimate goal is to have an event that gets the community involved,” said Rocco’s co-owner Carolee Ornbaun. “We’re hoping to draw a little more of the adult crowd. It’s just something different – a relaxed, fun thing to do at the fair.”

The competition will again feature three teams this year. Team ‘Clueless,’ composed of Tina Beckley, Diana Fulcher, and Vicki Womack, and ‘The Gentlemen of the Sportsman’s Club,’ composed of Heath Roper and Cody Beckley, are all newcomers this year. The final team is ‘Abel G Mobile Mixology’ – composed of husband and wife duo Abel and Kiki Godoy.

Abel Godoy was a member of team ‘Frank’s Kids’ the winning team in last year’s competition. Godoy and coworker Corey Bell – both of whom bartend at Frank Rogers-owned establishments in Colusa – impressed the four judges with the majority of their five cocktails last year, particularly with their Bartender’s Specialty Cocktail: the mother of all Bloody Mary’s, that was garnished with a Kentucky Fried Chicken wing.

The field of competitors offers some additional intrigue this time around, pitting mother against son (Tina and Cody Beckley) and coworkers against coworkers (Abel and Kiki Godoy, and Heath Roper).

Some changes have been made to this year’s format: Each team will mix drinks for five separate categories, including shots, classic, fruity, frozen, and ‘bartenders specialty.’ They will each prepare a drink for each category at the same time, for the judges to conduct a blind tasting. They will be allotted five minutes to prepare their drink for each category.

Each drink will be judged on its appearance, taste, originality, difficulty, and cleanliness.

Brian Pearson
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