What’s your plan? (10/10/2018)

Scott Arens | scott@arenscp.com

I am going to share some thoughts I had not so long ago. I was standing in line waiting for my turn to fill my plate at the Annual Pancake Breakfast at Johnson Junior High sponsored by the Parent’s Club to assist in their fundraising activities. The 1st thought is gratitude. Thank you all for your time that you give to assist those around you.

Because of your past efforts, all three of my Girls have experienced something out of the ordinary and spent a week at Shady Creek. Just down the road a bit is Woodleaf. For me and so many others, this was our Shady Creek. I lived the experience back in my 6th grade year at Arbuckle Elementary and then again as a senior, I was a camp counselor. Having the responsibility for seeing to it that 12 young men survived the week was quite an experience for me. I think I did some growing. The amount of money necessary to send our students to Shady Creek has grown too!

The Parent’s Club shoulders a large portion to keep this program a reality as so many efforts of management turn towards budget cutting. I felt some satisfaction after losing my oldest daughter to the kitchen that day; struck as I saw her shuffling pancakes from grill to serving table. It wasn’t too much longer that the other two had disappeared and had lost themselves in assisting where they could. I am thankful to those that gave them the opportunity to serve; to grow. Serving others has great benefits.

There are some things that just can’t be described and shared well with others. Giving of yourself to serve another is one, especially in terms of individual growth. My challenge this week is for you to define it on your terms. Go out and volunteer!

A website that I like is www.JustServe.org. But Googling volunteer will return many results.

I know that there will be one just right for you. This year was the most successful fundraiser to date. I agree, besides the funds there was the volunteering. My last thought this week: Again, Happy Birthday Mom! I appreciate all of you following me here! Please leave any comments with the Pioneer Review or at Scott@arenscp.com.