Life: as I see it (01/16/2019)



A beloved and respected family and an entire community mourns the loss of a courageous young woman. May God Bless Colusa County California ‘s Corona family.

Rookie Davis Ca law enforcement officer Natalie Corona was killed in an ambush while responding to a vehicle crash.

It’s hard to accept and impossible to understand how and why these things happen.

Natalie, following in her father Merced Corona’s law enforcement footsteps wanted nothing more than to help others.

Our hearts break at the loss of this young woman. 

Bless this family.

Tom and I are working our way back to California. As I write we are settled in our hotel in West Yellowstone, Montana.  We like to stay at The Gray Wolf Inn here. The rooms are comfy with great beds. The bonus, especially when traveling in winter is the underground parking garage.

We’re making a detour on the trip back. Usually, we’d do a straight shot over to Reno, over the hill and home. There’s a ton of snow in the Sierras though so we decided to go the longer route. Oh darn, we’ll have to spend the night in Las Vegas.

I hated to leave my babies; big and small, but leave we did.

I admit I’m looking forward to being back in California though.

For everything, there is a season they say. 

I think California is the right place to winter.

I had a chance to have an after-school visit with my grandchildren before we left Beach.  They are a lot of fun. I spent some time reading with Lea and Vaughn. I love that they both love books. My mother was an avid reader, and she spent many hours reading with her grandchildren. I like to think the love of books, reading and writing among us started with Mother.

She was a wonderful mother and grandmother. We miss her.

But, we are blessed to remember her. 

Life is good today.

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