Boys Basketball: Colusa Out Hustles Maxwell

Colusa’s Pablo Barrera dribbles past Maxwells Efren Cruz for a 3 PT FG in Monday nights win

On Monday, Jan. 28, the Colusa Redhawks hosted county rivals, the Maxwell Panthers, securing a 75-36 win. With a packed gymnasium, Colusa’s offense opened up with a 3-point field goal by Mason Saso and went on to shut the panthers out in the first three minutes of the game. An offensive rebound by Isaiah Cardenas allotted for the first Panther basket, putting them on the board with a 2-8 score. But Colusa’s Conner Saso found his way to the hoop four times before the quarter ended, giving the Redhawks a 21-6 lead.

Colusa’s offense again imploded in the second quarter with three consecutive 3-point field goals, placing an even larger score deficit on the board. Maxwell stepped up their defense but struggled to find the net on offense, securing only nine points to Colusa’s 17, giving the Redhawks a 38-15 lead before the half.

Second half play opened with an offensive burst by Maxwell culminating in their highest quarter of the game with 13 on the board, unable to stop the Colusa offense, Maxwell couldn’t close the score gap of 28 to end the third, 28-56.

Colusa’s defensive pressure on Maxwell allowed the Panthers just eight points in the fourth and an unrecoverable score deficit. The Redhawks secured the win, 75-36.

“Rivalry games are always fun. No matter what the lead is, it always feels like two points,” said Coach Davis for the Redhawks.

Conner Saso led the offense for Colusa with 25 points on the night and Blake Steidlmayer contributed 12.

Colusa moves to 18-7, 4-1 on the season and hosts the Pierce Bears, 17-4, 5-0 tonight at 7 PM. ■