Girls Basketball: Lady Bears edge out Redhawks

Jennifer Blue |

The Pierce Bears beat the Colusa Redhawks Friday with a final sore of 43-30. 

Cheers abounded from the stands as fans encouraged Colusa County’s female basketball players on both teams to put forth a lot of work. 

Neck and neck throughout the game, the Pierce Bears ended the first quarter in the lead over the Colusa Redhawks 5-4. 

By halftime, Colusa had regained lost momentum but Pierce kept pace at 17-15. 

The third quarter continued to be a close game at 26-24, until the Bears broke away from the Redhawks in the fourth quarter as the away team’s energy started to wane. 

A Pierce Bear to keep watching is No. 2 Emily Ehrke, who sank two free throws in the fourth quarter, who constantly hustled down the court with unending energy that lasted to the end of the game, with overall impressive 3-point shots, and garnering 11 points for her team. 

Small but mighty Sierra Murphy was quick to block and sank four free throws in the second quarter for the Bears. 

The Colusa Redhawks had great ball movement as they passed with precision. In particular, No. 4 Edith Moreno, who scored nine points in total. 

No. 12 Chaena Laux also scored nine points, most of them in the third quarter. 

Mary Reilly, coach for the Pierce Bears, recognized the effort as “one of our best games, all around. We cut turnovers out and we got up early… they got up, and they stayed up, and they held them off.” 

Reilly recognized the ways that gave the Bears that extra push in such a close game.

“They just did the little things right and I’ve been waiting all year for that,” she said. “They corrected their mistakes, they made huge defensive gains.”

The Colusa Redhawks will be playing on Friday, Jan. 8 in Willows at 5:30 PM.