Girls soccer: A muddy Valentine’s Day fray

This muddy Valentine’s Day, the Pierce Bearettes and Williams Ladyjackets did not show each other any love. Pierce took the win 4-1 with Williams fighting to the bitter end.

Following a recent torrential downpour, a window opened for the sun to shine on the game.

In response to the break in weather, fans enjoyed the sunshine while watching the game.

After halftime, some fans became a bit too loud for the referee’s liking. When the referee had enough of their rowdiness, with a red card in his hand, he stopped the game and chastised the spectators.

A bit cautious from a previous event when a referee was attacked after a game a few weeks ago, the referee warned the fans about physical altercations at future games. Eventually, Pierce fans were kicked off the sidelines, relegated to the parking lot where they continued to make a ruckus. 

Although the weather was quite pleasant, the field was treacherous. Yellowjackets coach Kristi Hill explained that the team is comprised mostly of freshmen and sophomores and that by the time these girls are seniors, they will be a force to be reckoned with. 

Hill said until more experience can be had, playing on wet grass is challenge; “field conditions got the best of us.” 

Although a number of players fell with grace in the slick grass, both teams miraculously managed to avoid injuries, with the exception of Ladyjacket Lizeth Madrigal, who was hit by a sudden asthma attack. 

Bearette goalkeeper Angela Arambula was hit in the face by the ball and fell, but she laughed it off with her teammates. Sarah Vann seemed to glide over the wet grass extremely fast, constantly stealing the ball and powering it across the field with Ladyjacket Vanessa Sanchez on Vann’s heels. 

Andrea Hernandez and Linette Navarro, for the Bears, had some impressive kicks. Volleying back and forth between the teams, Yellowjacket Jovanna Hernandez was unafraid to get in close, frequently stealing the ball and the Bears’ goals, assisted by her goalkeeper Lizet Hernandez, who was able to keep the score down with many saves.

Pierce girls soccer is scheduled to play in Winters on Feb. 19 at 3 PM. ■