Sports Roundup (03/06/2019


WILLIAMS YellowJackets participated in the Northern State Playoffs with an away game against Eastside College Prep, last Tuesday. Williams fell short with a 34-57 loss. 


MAXWELL Lady Panthers descended to Durham for their first season game last Friday, Aubrianna Keeler led the Lady Panthers on defense with two triples and a RBI, Paige Vierra crossed the plate 3 times and Laynee Haywood had 2 RBI’s. Despite valiant efforts from the Panthers, Durham won the game with a 9-10 score. 


COLUSA RedHawks won last Friday’s home game against Kelseyville with a final score 0-10. Conner Saso went 2 for 3 with 2 RBI’s, Justin Lee and Leo Guzman contributed two runs each.