Caring youth celebrated

Friends and family of outstanding youth filled the Education Village in Williams on Friday to applaud their nominees for the 14th Caring Youth Count Awards.

Various reasons were announced along with the name of each youth as they ascended the steps to receive a medal and certificate from representatives from the Colusa County Office of Education. This year, 41 young people were recognized for strength of character and resiliency. The event recognizes and celebrates the unique qualities the individual winners exhibited. 

Ailed Martinez recieves an award for her strength of character on March 29, 2019.

The whole aim for CCOE hosting these awards is to recognize the positive impacts that youth make in the community.  Assistant Superintendent Maria Arviza-Espinoz explained that these awards focus on the individual because many of the youth are unable to participate in clubs and extra curricular activities. 

“In a nutshell, it levels the playing field, doesn’t matter your status, it doesn’t matter your GPA, what matters is you, you as an individual, you as a person, what are you doing as a person to make a difference,” said Arviza-Espinoza. “So that’s the beauty of this celebration. That’s why we love it.”

Arviza-Espinoza added, “it’s about who you are as an individual person, not compared to somebody else, not you’re competing for a GPA, you’re not competing for a scholarship, it’s like, this is who you are and whatever accomplishment you made, we’re going to celebrate it, and we’re going to celebrate it big and make a big deal about it. Balloons, and pizzas, and cookies, it’s great.”

Joseph Davis is recognized for his strength of character and courage on March 29, 2019 at the Caring Youth Count awards.

Nominees were: Laura Anderson, Audacious Baird, Rocky Baird, Julisa Castro, Miranda Cerpa, Cindy Corona, Kathy Corona, Gianni Daniels, Joseph Davis, Trace Davis, Jessica Deniz, Daniela Duran, Lola Gutierrez, Natalie Gutierrez, Michael Harris, Zach Humphrey, Luis Martin Jauregui, Sonia Luna, Dominique Madrigal, Ailed Martinez, Gary Martinez, Yasmin Moran, Luis Orosco, Nelli Orosco, Brenda Rivera, Briana Rodriguez, Meia Rodriguez, Yazmin Rodriguez, Isabella Romero, Joaquin Sanapaw Mercado, Sean Scholes, Javier Serna, Naomi Silva, Cody Stafford, Rudy Tapia Gutierrez, Dominic Thompson, Cindy Torres, Fernando Valencia, Kegen Wells, Logan Whiting, and Cris Winn. ■