Friday, September 20, 2019
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Life, as I see it : Reminder

More than once this past week I was reminded to let go and not worry. My worries are few compared to so many others who are dealing with real issues.

A chance meeting and impromptu conversation at a checkout line while shopping brought home to me and my heart that my worries are trivial at best.

It was one of our warmer days and the lady named Debbie told me she didn’t have any summer clothes. Not only had she and her husband lost their home and everything in it during the Camp Fire that swept through Paradise, but so had her daughter and her family and her granddaughter and her family. 

Once they had all lived near one another and now they are scattered to other areas. She told me that she and her husband and their three dogs and their cats had lived in a motor home for six months.

I’ve been stressing on if and when our 5th wheel will sell, when will the buyers get it out of the campground, and can we get it all cleared out before we leave in June for N.D. It’s an economic issue for us, but compared to others it is trivial at best.

On Saturday, we went to see the movie “Breakthrough” and again I was reminded of the importance of faith. It is a true story of a mother’s faith and believing prayer of her and the entire community after the woman’s son drowns under the broken-through ice. A miracle they say; yes it was.

This is a film worth going to see, but be warned. It’s as my daughter Velvet and I would say: an ugly cry event. Take some tissues.

Easter Sunday was a special day. Of course we are reminded again of the blessings we have received and the gift we are so unworthy of receiving. Yet we receive salvation and redemption just by asking.

For Easter service, we got up early and drove for two hours so that we could attend service at my former church: Faith Lutheran in Marysville. It was so worth the effort.

We were greeted with hugs and welcome homes, and told how much we had been missed since we married and moved away.

It did my heart good.

Again I was reminded: singing there that day was a young lady who had been just a little girl when we moved.

In visiting with her, I learned that her bigger than life Greek father had suffered two emergency brain surgeries. Now he suffers from memory loss. I could see the worry, the stress, and the pain of it all on this young girl’s face. 

I’ve walked that walk, and I know the toll loving someone with a brain injury can take on the caregiver. 

I’ve been there, and with prayer I and mine got through it. 

Strength, struggle, and prayer all go hand in hand.

Life is good today.

Contact Kathy Craigo-Harteis at or PO Box 406, Nice, CA 95464.

— Kathy Craigo-Harteis is a former Colusa County resident. Contact Kathy at or PO Box 406, Nice, Ca 95454. 

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