Miss Colusa County brightens Grimes classroom


Last Wednesday, Miss Colusa County Melissa Ramirez donated her time at the Grand Island Elementary School, in Grimes, reading “The Great Fuzz Frenzy” to Ms. Kessinger’s fourth, fifth, and sixth grade classes. 

“I invited people from the community to come and show the students how awesome reading is!” said Kessinger. “I held a slumber party reward for the students for their good behavior.”

Students, dressed in their pajamas, brought pillows and blankets and spent most of their day lounging around the classroom reading and munching on snacks. Students also volunteered to read to their classmates, along with Kessinger and Ramirez.  

“I really enjoy reading,” said Ramirez. “The kids and I had a great time. Thank you, Ms. Kessinger, for the opportunity.” ■