FILE NO. 2019-0000092
Date filed: September 3, 2019

The following persons are doing business as:
70 Cluney Street, Arbuckle, CA 95912

Name of Registrant(s):

  1. Hector Padilla-Paniagua, 70 Cluney Street, Arbuckle, CA 95912
  2. Jose Carlos Sandoval-Padilla, 451 Washington Street,Willows, CA 95988

This business is conducted by a General Partnership.

The registrant commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name or names listed above on: 08/01/2019.

/s/ Jose Carlos Sandoval-Padilla, Partner

This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Colusa County on date stamped above. I hereby certify that the foregoing is a correct copy of the original on file in my office.

Rose Gallo-Vasquez, Clerk-Recorder
/s/ Suzanne Balzli, Deputy

WPR – 09/11, 09/18, 09/25, 10/02/2019 • #2019-1311

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