Football: Bears gain win against Colusa

Playtime is over and Pierce is serious now that the league games are in effect. Friday night, the win against Colusa was an uphill battle. The 34-14 score did not reflect the tension that occurred when both teams butted heads for little gain across the field.

A few breaking runs kept the fans for both teams up on their feet, but for the most part, it was stops and starts. Many fouls, such as false starts, kept the bouts brief and the teams inching down the field a yard at a time. Junior Justin Matthews wrapped up the first quarter with a touchdown for the Bears with an extra point.

Nearing the end of the second quarter, the Bears got another touchdown and the extra point was good bringing the score up to 14-0.

After halftime, another Bear touchdown brought the score to 21-0. Pierce’s Alex Valencia took a hard hit and limped off the field. Unfortunately, Colusa’s Cody Free was taken off the field in a stretcher and was taken to Enloe Medical Center (Editors note: at the time of press, no update was provided on Free’s condition.) Almost in response to losing their teammate, the RedHawks scored a touchdown and the extra point was good. 

The third quarter ended with the RedHawks just inches from the goal line, which meant that the fourth quarter opened up with a score by Colusa’s Riley Stice, bringing the score to 21-14. Pierce’s Tristan Miller made an exceptional interception, followed by Nikolih Williams’ touchdown and extra attempt point brought up the final score to 34. The last minute and half was run off the clock and the long evening had its victor.

Anthony Tapia, Pierce’s coach, said that Luke Voorhees was the one to watch. 

“He is just so consistent on defense,” said Tapia. “He’s the first junior captain we’ve had. I can’t name the last junior captain we’ve had at this program and that’s a big deal.” 

Tapia added, “Even though we’re really low on (players), there’s a good amount of quality, top to bottom.” 

There will be no rest for the weary during Pierce’s bye week. The Bears are slated for nine practices before they play against Willows on Oct. 11.  

Tapia said the team does a lot of complex things on offense and defense, so he is glad when new mistakes surfaces so the team can work to improve. 

The RedHawks will face Willows for their homecoming game on Oct. 4.

Tapia said that in a county where one team is really good, all the teams are really good. 

“I think anyone has a chance to win anytime we play each other,” he said. “I’m just glad we’ve been able to come up on top of both big rivalry games.” ■