The Colusa City Council plans to award $176,000 in Community Development Block Grant Program reuse income to help rehabilitate the Devonshire Apartments. 

The funding will be part of a $5 million overall of the facility’s interiors by the Regional Housing Authority, which was awarded federal low income tax credits for the project on Sept. 25. 

The Devonshire has provided low-to-moderate income earners housing in Colusa under the federal Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) for more than four decades. 

“That facility was built in 1972,” said Colusa Finance Director Tony Benson. 

Colusa has partnered with the authority previously to meet the needs of low-income residents. The city previously contributed $600,000 in CDGB funds awarded in 2013 to help with the outside rehabilitation of the Devonshire in 2017. 

While the city was not awarded funding in its most recent CDBG application, Benson said the city was still able to help with the project by giving Regional Housing most of what the city had available in program reuse income. 

Regional Housing officials credits the city will helping them secure the tax credits for the affordable housing project

The City Council will hold a public hearing on Oct. 15 before they can finalize the agreement with Regional Housing. Work is suppose to begin in early 2020 and will take about nine months to complete. 

“This round, the rehab work will focus on the interior, plus they will be adding a playground and a park area,” Benson said. 

The $7.5 million project also includes new appliances, cabinets, and fixtures.

Regional Housing will also convert one apartment into a small community center and another into a three-bedroom, which will reduce the complex from 30 units to 28.  

Once completed, the facility will be managed by a non-profit set up and associated with Regional Housing. 

Councilman Dave Markss said the previous rehabilitation work on the exteriors was well done, and expects the same on the interiors. 

“I think the residents there appreciate the efforts,” Markss said. ■