Football: Eagles homecoming game a victory


A homecoming football game for Princeton was a rollercoaster for the fans. A good, strong start led into what would become a very close game with the Princeton Eagles claiming victory 66-64 against the Herlong Vikings.

The Eagles ended the first quarter 14-6. The second quarter was promising until the Vikings found their stride and headed into halftime with a score of 30, catching up to the Eagles’ 32.

Princeton junior Jonathan Silva may not have stats to show his contribution to the team, but he does have a physical presence that is intimidating. Silva was able to take down the opposing team with 16 tackles, a touchdown, and 10 carries for 29 yards. Meanwhile, senior Joey Wills had an impressive 34 carries for 282 yards and five rushing touchdowns. 

Bryan Lex, coach for the Eagles, attributed the win to his team’s feedback from what they can see from the middle of the fray. 

“I say, OK, run with it and trust them,” said Lex. “They’re the ones out there doing the dirty work and they can see some weaknesses, or somewhere where we can get an advantage.”

With not many backup players on the sidelines, the team stood their ground. The end of the game could not come soon enough for the Eagles, who managed to keep the advantage and win the game by two points. 

Unfortunately, a Herlong Viking lay on the field after the game reached the end. First responders cared for the youth while waiting transport to the hospital. 

“The Herlong player who was injured Friday night is good,” said Princeton Superintendent Korey Williams on Monday morning. “He had temporary numbness on one side of his body but all feeling is back to normal.” 

Lex was relieved his team brought home the win for homecoming. 

“Defensively, we were happy about the way we move the ball but, we lost a player from last week. Just one key player out of that scheme, changes the whole dynamic,” said Lex, as he contemplated the next game on Saturday afternoon in Red Bluff against the Mercy Warriors. ■