Street enhancements to keep motorists on right path 


The new stop sign at the intersection of Vada Court and Vann streets is expected to ease vehicle traffic and protect pedestrians coming in and out of the new Grocery Outlet, in Williams.

The City Council at their Oct. 16 meeting approved an expense up to $2,500 at the request of City Engineer Trin Campos to keep people focused on the road. 

Most of the work was completed within days. 

Campos said the traffic improvements complete the construction work for Williams’ newest grocery store. 

The project also called for centerline markings on Vada Court and Vann Street to keep motorists in their correct lanes and not traveling down the middle of the streets to go to the store. 

Campos said motorists traveling to Grocery Outlet have a tendency to start cutting corners coming in from E Street and then cut sharply into the cul de sac of Vann Street. 

“Hopefully this will help avoid any conflicts,” he said. “Plus, we have a crosswalk out now, and we want people to stop. Hopefully, this will help them see if people are coming across the street.” 

Williams City Council members said citizens often complain that Williams has too many stop signs, and city officials have not ruled out round-abouts in the future. 

Because street projects have pretty much wrapped up for the year, Campos will spend the next few months looking for grant opportunities that could help the city with street and road improvements. 

Campos is currently working on a Caltrans Planning Grant to possibly help out with projects related to Interstate 5, Husted Road, and future traffic signals on Highway 20. 

City officials said the grant is highly competitive but worth the effort if the city could secure funding. Some funding would come with a local share requirement of up to 25 percent, which would have to be approved by the City Council before any project can move forward, Campos said. ■