Life, as I see it :  Make a plan


I’m a planner. Half the fun for me is in the planning of a trip or an event. I suppose that’s why I did well as a publicist. Not only did my clients allow me to plan for them, but they also paid me to do it. It was a win-win!

Now that we are into November, I’ve kicked into planning mode. We have the holidays coming, and I anticipate both Thanksgiving and Christmas with excitement.

In the midst of planning all of that holiday cheer, I’m also scheduling what needs to be done for our trip back to California.

It’s a little overwhelming, even for me. 

This will be the last year we have to hightail it out of here right after Christmas. This year is different because once there, we will prepare for our final move to North Dakota.

I’m trying to slow down a little. It is very important to me that among the trappings of holiday preparation, we focus on what it’s all about. Thanksgiving is a time to renew our gratitude. Christmas is to remember the boy child in a manger.

In year’s past, I admit I put so much attention on making everything perfect, the meaning of it all got lost in the shuffle. I’m happy to say that has changed. Oh, I still work to make things pleasant, and I always try to have all of the family favorites, but if I miss something or something isn’t just so, it just doesn’t matter.

Thankfulness is abundant this year. We’ve been blessed in so many ways.  

My “plan” for November and year around is to be thankful every day, not just when we are together for a turkey dinner.

My friend recently chided me for rushing the season and already listening to Christmas music. Truth be told, I start in October. It gives me a sense of contentment, and it helps me to extend the season. It’s good for my soul.

Life is good today.

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