FOOTBALL: Pierce pushes forward in playoffs


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Friday night ended with another home victory for the Pierce Bears against the Modoc Braves.

The game of football is fairly cut and dry, so it is strategies that make it interesting. Because Pierce plays smart football, looks in depth at their style, and practices ahead, the Bears are currently pushing forward in the playoffs after Friday’s win 14-12. 

“A lot of people have figured out they are playing safeties really deep to try and take away our deep pass,” said Anthony Tapia, coach for the Bears, “Once they started taking that away, they’re kind of forcing our guys to make tough catches over the middle of the field. They’re giving us a chance to catch it, and they just got to tackle us.”

The game started out with a touchdown and a two-point conversion for the Bears. It was not until the end of the second quarter that the frustrated Braves received their first touchdown that gave them a forward momentum.

The Braves scored another touchdown and with the score 12-8 in the fourth quarter, it was up to the Bears to push hard or to finish short of the championship. The Bears pushed. Learning from three previous games that fell short on the last drive, they got in a late touchdown to put them back in the lead. 

The last chance for the Braves to finish with a win was thwarted. Perhaps due to the cold temperature, Modoc seemed not to be able to hold on to the ball, resulting in a slew of incomplete passes. 

While their run game worked well early, the Bears have had success with their passes, but looking forward, Tapia realizes that in the upcoming game against Winters, who have been pass heavy, he may try to change up their game. 

“I want to have a balanced attack,” Tapia said. “We’re to focus on that this week; top to bottom, our running game and our passing game, to get as balanced as possible. I think that’s really going to work out in our favor.” ■