Annual Craft Faire kicks off Christmas in Colusa


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The Colusa County Fairgrounds held a wildly successful holiday shopping extravaganza over the weekend. There is just a little more than a month left until Christmas shopping and the Colusa Holiday Craft Faire had a little bit of something for everyone on the gift-giving lists. 

“It’s been a great success,” said Laura Ford, Fairgrounds CEO and spokesperson, who estimated that over 120 vendors were present. “We filled out all four of our buildings. Last year we only did 2.5. This year we have four and outdoor booths, so that’s kind of cool.” 

Ford said that the event has been going on for over 20 years but estimates that this year will be more profitable than the past five years. 

Vendors were asked to donate an item for the Craft Faire raffle, for which the funds go toward features such as no-cost photos with Santa or the Ugly Sweater contest, which Prissy Aragon won this year. 

With no admittance fees, people were able to come and purchase local favorites, many not available anywhere else. Diana Azevedo and Polly Codorniz sold homemade D&P Jalapeno Jelly. Azevedo said that some of the patrons said they came solely to purchase the jelly that she said is versatile in barbecue or as a spread with cream cheese. 

Jyl Torrens and her Stardust Dance troupe, who performed on Sunday, started working on their fancy footwork at the beginning of September.

Although Torrens has been doing the Craft Faire for 17 years, she said this year was a particularly special one for her. For seven years, Torrens was a Rockette for the Radio City Music Hall and one of the acts her students performed this year featured a performance that was similar to the famous precision dance company. 

Others were a fleet of tiny Santa dancers performing to “Here Comes Santa Claus,” and girls dressed as rag dolls, almost small enough to be dolls themselves, dancing to the song, “Toyland Ball.” 

Other acts included interpretive dance, hip hop, tap, and ballet. 

The weather was perfect for the performers and spectators.  

“A lot of nerves for today,” said Torrens, after the performance. “For some of them, it was their first time ever performing in front of an audience. Everybody did a great job.” ■