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The Backpage

THE BACKPAGE podcast is a weekly podcast where you’ll hear from your hosts, Lloyd, Kent and Hayley, as they discuss the local news, events, and hot topics of the greater Colusa County area; sometimes you’ll hear an opinion or two. Listen every FRIDAY on your favorite podcast platform.

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just press'd

Hosted by newspaper publisher, Lloyd Green Jr, just press’d is a commentary news podcast featuring news topics in Colusa County.

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The Backpage Podcast: Lloyd’s Soapbox

Kent and Hayley decided they deserved a day off and to leave me alone to record the episode. They might regret this. Don't worry, there isn't another Backstreet Boys cover... I'll save that for my concert. This episode, Lloyd stands on his soapbox. These are his thoughts, and his opinions. He took great care to research and find some interesting topics from the greater Colusa County area. Don’t worry, he did the local headlines too. You've been warned, these topics may have an expression personal opinion, and Lloyd give his thoughts on the topics. The references to the topics are listed below in...

The Backpage Podcast: The one with the technical difficulties

Hayley is on a search for the Gold Crown Mermaid Starbucks Cup, and Lloyd can't seem to figure out how to record the podcast correctly this week. On this week's episode of The Backpage Lloyd and Hayley discuss what experts think your Thanksgiving should look like, an unexpected convertible Tesla, political campaigns, and much more. What's the tea? Here's the link to davidstea.com Want to learn more about the Master Gardener's Centerpiece Workshop? Click here. LINKS TO TOPICS FROM THE SHOW:   A BRAND-NEW TESLA MODEL Y'S GLASS ROOF FLEW OFF ON THE HIGHWAY COCA-COLA IS DISCONTINUING THIS POPULAR BEVERAGE LINE 'SNL' HAD...

The Backpage Podcast: Master of debaters

Ah, it's finally October. Welcome to the 10th level of Jumanji - what possibly could be  in store for us as we proceed through the month of horrors? The Backpage crew recaps, debates, the debatest of debates known as the 2020 Presidential Debate. We recap some of our favorite moments, express our concerns and air our opinions on what was classified as the worst presidential debate in American history. Hayley found her way to Wienerschnitzel and found a new treat that wasn't pumpkin spice; and is plans an adventure to Mt. Everest. Lloyd made some edits to the website, and updated...

The Backpage Podcast: The one with a green thumb

When you have a plant emergency, who do you call? A Master Gardener, of course! Hayley had a plant that was in the serious need of help, and UC Master Gardener of Colusa County, Gerry Hernandez was in the house. Gerry provided Hayley with some tips on repotting plants and gave some great advice. We reached out to our followers on instagram (@radio_colusa) and Gerry kindly provided some insight to their questions. The Master Gardeners of Colusa County might be a regular feature on the show; we're looking for you plant questions, or garden dilemmas, send them to: studio@radiocolusa.com. To learn more information about...